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Dodgers’ latest stretch of games isn’t just great — it’s historic

The Dodgers are 36-6 (.857) over their last 42 games. An arbitrary stretch of games, sure, but a historic run when compared to like streaks throughout baseball lore.

The Dodgers are the first team to have at least a 36-6 record since the 1942 Cardinals: They look to capture their first World Series since 1988, and perhaps make success over a random span of 42 games look a little less arbitrary.

And until Switzer, or anybody else on the roster, did something to make Whitehead expendable, the Cowboys still didn’t. Or, to be honest, until Whitehead made himself expendable, on the field or off.

That’s why teams bother having camp in the first place. You win or lose your job then. Or … a job falls into your lap, as it did for the offensive linemen who thought they’d have to battle Urschel in Baltimore. You can bet at least one of them fits under the heading of, “They were going to cut him soon anyway.”

Players quit. They get suspended. They get hurt. They get traded. They underachieve. They literally fall down a flight of steps (not to focus solely on the Ravens, but remember Sergio Kindle?). They’re derailed by all sorts of problems, in and out of their control. Someone then comes out of nowhere to fill the void, for a month, a year, a career.

Unless they get prematurely expelled by a franchise trying to publicly save face.

There are too many other examples throughout the history of the Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys For Kids NFL … heck, it makes up much of the entire history of the NFL. Kurt Warner goes into Cheap Mountain Bike Jerseys the Hall of Fame next week, 18 years after going into Rams training camp hoping he’d get to be Trent Green’s backup.

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