Baker Mayfield: Forget Orlando Brown’s Combine numbers, remember zero sacks

The man whose blind side Orlando Brown protected at Oklahoma is defending Brown after an ugly Combine performance.

Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma’s Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, says Brown’s poor showing at the Combine shouldn’t hurt his draft stock. Instead, Mayfield says, it’s Brown’s play on the field that matters.

Gronk signed an extension two years into his pro career as a hedge against the back injury that cost him his final year at Arizona. The future Hall of Famer still might retire this offseason, but if he continues his career, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Gronkowski pick up a new deal next offseason handing him in excess of $10 million per year. If not Gronkowski, the next big deal is going to take a while, given that guys such as Zach Ertz and Travis Kelce are under contract through the 2021 season. By then, someone like Evan Engram might be in the discussion.

To get Solder to leave the comfort of New England and head down I-95, the Giants had to reset the left tackle market. Trent Williams previously held both these marks at $13.6 million and $42.3 million, respectively. The leap from Williams’ deal to Solder’s would be like if Cousins picked up a three-year, $98.6 million deal from the Vikings. It’s an enormous outlay from a team that desperately needed offensive line help for a tackle who has never been voted to a Pro Bowl during his seven years in the NFL.

An effective long-term solution has not been found among such luminaries as: DeShone Kizer (2017), Johnny Manziel (2014), Brandon Weedon (2012), Brady Quinn (2007) and Luke McCown (2004).

This has not simply been a streak of bad luck. Yes, more was expected of Quinn, but that’s about it. Both Kizer and Manziel were too immature to handle being the face of this woebegone franchise. Consider those two to be bad draft picks. But also consider that the Browns did not invest heavily in uncovering their franchisequarterback either.

Big Blue has drafted three quarterbacks in the Eli Manning-era: Ryan Nassib (2013), Rhett Bomar (2009) and Davis Webb (2017). Nassib and Bomar were clearly considered back-ups. Still, they weren’t hugely successful.

On the other hand, Webb is being considered as an heir to Manning. Based upon Cleveland’s track record though, drafting a franchise quarterback means investing a high draft pick. That places the odds of Webb becoming a franchise quarterback at worse than 50/50.

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