Cavs lead 92-87 with less than two minutes to go.

The Warriors turn to a small-ball lineup with four minutes left in the third quarter. It’s Curry, Livingston, Thompson, Iguodala and Durant. It will be interesting to see if Kerr uses a traditional center the rest of the game.

He does look like the perfect No. 2 pick in the June 22 draft for Johnson, who desperately needs a leader and a point guard who can make teammates better. Ball did that in his one season at UCLA. But they don’t always work out the way Kevin Durant did when he was taken with the second overall pick after Portland selected Greg Oden at No. 1 a decade ago. Durant is an anomaly, in fact.

Johnson needs to hit a homer after the previous regime, headed by Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak, didn’t exactly hit it out of the park with D’Angelo Russell in 2015 and Julius Randle in 2014. Another former No. 2 pick, Brandon Ingram, didn’t shown any signs this past season as a rookie that he’s going to be a superstar, either.

When James was asked Monday about comparing Golden State’s super team to the one he formed in Miami, the four-time MVP said, I don’t believe I’ve played for a super team. I don’t believe in that. I don’t believe we’re a super team here.

Green continued to mock James’ comments by thanking Durant, who was the Finals MVP, for joining Golden State’s super team.

‘I’ve never played on a super team.’ That’s crazy, said Green, who wore a T-shirt that read Quickie with the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy next to a large Q that resembed logo for Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena.

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