Michigan had a 2017 draft pick in damn near every professional league

Michigan folks can be, uhh, a bit full of themselves sometimes. But credit where it is due, because when you do something this cool it’s certainly worth bragging about.

Michigan swept the big four professional sports with players selected in each 2017 draft, but it bested even that achievement by adding two other sports.

UM has a men’s soccer team as well as a lacrosse team, and had players drafted in both the MLL and MLS drafts. In total, 26 Michigan athletes have been selected in drafts this spring. The only major professional sports drafts the Wolverines got shut out are the WNBA and the NWSL drafts.

But Michigan truly stands above here with a wide array of exceptional athletes across a ton of sports. Maybe the Leaders and Best thing isn’t so corny after all? (It definitely still is.)

All true. It turns out that Tebow really is good for the box office, so there is certainly logic to Tebow being moved up to the Florida State League. It turns out that Tebow is mildly popular in that particular state, which means he’ll make money for the St. Lucie Mets, who are owned by … the New York Mets.

Naturally, you’d look toward Paul Goldschmidt and production as a big reason why the Diamondbacks are currently where they are right now (and you’d be right to do so), but they’re also getting solid production from the trio of Jake Lamb, Chris Owings, and David Peralta. Plus, it helps that Zack Greinke has been pitching well. Robbie Ray has been keeping up with Greinke, the duo of Zack Godley and Taijuan Walker has nicely rounded out the rotation, and Archie Bradley has shined in the bullpen.

Arizona may not be at the top of the NL West, but there’s still a chance that a certain fan in Washington D.C. and the rest of the fan base in the desert will have good reason to pay attention to them for an extended period of time this summer.

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