College World Series 2017 scores and bracket: Oregon State and LSU advance to the winners bracket

The first day of the College World Series has come to a close, and both games delivered on their high expectations, the LSU-Florida State tilt in the evening session, in particular, was a raucous, rowdy affair with players flying all over the place, and these teams need to play more often.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox have gone 11-8 in June despite being outscored by two runs on the month, and that’s also in large part due to the performance of their bullpen. While the offense has been scoring just over four runs per game, the bullpen led by Craig Kimbrel in what could end up being his top season to date has made sure every lead, regardless of size, ends up counting for Boston.

You can’t draw too much from the performance of either team: Boston’s pen as a whole is unlikely to remain as dominant as it’s been, with nearly every major contributor posting eye-popping numbers and zero after zero. However, their rotation is probably only going to get better as David Price shakes off the rust and Rick Porcello figures out what he’s doing wrong, and a solution at third base should be the focus to round out the lineup before the trade deadline.

The Yankees are in a position to add help both in the rotation and the bullpen, and even just the former would go a long way: If they had more starters they could rely on, they wouldn’t need to lean on the bullpen as heavily as they have. As is, the Yanks have one starter averaging at least six innings per start, and that’s 23-year-old Luis Severino, whose career high in innings in the majors changes with each frame he completes.

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