LSU suddenly forgets how to play baseball during the College World Series

LSU shortstop Kramer Robertson is having a tough time in Omaha. The .413 hitter didn’t post a single hit in the Tigers’ opening night slugfest with Florida State, and even his mom was in attendance to cheer him on. That’s gotta sting.

Against Oregon State, LSU was already smarting after starter Eric Walker essentially pulled himself at the top of the third after elbow soreness protruded on what had otherwise been a fine start for the righty. That brought in Caleb Gilbert, who up until the top of the fifth was throwing absolute gas and shutting down a potent Beavers lineup. And then the fifth.

Pac-12 Player of the Year Nick Madrigal laced a hard grounder to the second-third base gap, and that’s the exact territory that Robertson’s responsible for covering. Let’s see how that fielding attempt went.

This game has already featured some defensive fireworks by Oregon State, but Fullerton is most certainly not here to be outdone. Just ask the Titans’ centerfielder, Scott Hurst.

KJ Harrison slammed this ball into left center, an area of the park that plays very, very big. Coupled with the fact that the wind blows in from that very direction, this fly had a considerable amount of mustard behind it to make it to the wall. So it’s remarkable that Hurst, at full sprint, leaps from the middle of the warning track, slams into the wall while catching the ball, then returns to Earth to tell the story.

Oregon State won, 6-5, to send Fullerton to the losers bracket.

Without knowing his exact stats at Middletown High, I would guess that this is the very first time in his life that he hasn’t been able to disembowel baseballs at will. He was probably the best hitter on every little league team, the best hitter in high school, the best hitter on his college team, the best hitter in the minors as he climbed up, Class-A to Double-A to Triple-A, raking at every stop. And he was one of the best hitters in the majors right away, too.

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