In defense of Mr. Met flipping off a fan

On Wednesday night, Mr. Met was caught on video at the lowest point in his mascot life. The anguish of a 7-1 loss paired with fans yelling at him caused the normally jovial baseball-headed man to flip people off in the stands.

This is unfair. Mr. Met didn’t fail the Mets, the world failed Mr. Met. He is the tragic figure of the mascot world, a desperate Willy Loman looking for purpose. For too long he’s been ignored, downtrodden, and mocked. Society pushed him to his breaking point, then twisted the knife by filming the one moment in his mascot life he wants to forget.

To understand why Mr. Met lost his cool is a lesson in Mr. Met himself and his story deserves to be told.

About those bats, though. LSU’s first five hitters in the lineup are batting over .300 on the season. Skipper Paul Mainieri has fiddled with the order in Omaha, sending a surprisingly struggling Kramer Robertson to bat leadoff a few times, but they’re still manufacturing runs. Catcher Michael Papierski has come alive in the CWS, most recently knocking out two home runs from both sides of the plate in the elimination game win over Oregon State Saturday. He’s a terror, and he’s difficult to pitch around.

My friends and I used to play a game: If you could be sponsored by any company, what would it be? I always chose Polar Seltzer. Free bottles of something you love just because you let them put your face on marketing materials? Sign me up. That’s the dream.

And Noah Syndergaard is living it. He hacked the system. He used his fame to get the free stuff he likes. And that stuff isn’t, like, BMWs. It’s Cholula. It costs, what, three bucks at most?

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