The cub would be confused.

The day kicked off with a rowdy affair in Louisville, which saw the opening innings notch three throwing errors between the teams and an ever-elusive Kentucky bat interference that plated the Cardinals’ first run in the bottom of the first. From there, a pitchers’ duel broke out until Louisville’s Drew Ellis cracked a three-run shot over the left field wall in the fifth to put Kentucky away for good.

Ellis admired his blast for just a little too long for some as he made his way to first base, and Kentucky catcher Kole Cottam had words for him as he rounded down to home plate. A short shouting match then ensued not surprising, given the intense rivalry between the in-state nemeses but in the end nothing came of it.

The Wildcats managed a short two-out rally in the top of the ninth, but Louisville closer Lincoln Henzman was just too much for Kentucky in the end. Game, Cardinals, 5-2.

This would be a long, long, long fight. The cub would be confused. The penguin would be waddling around like a trapped flightless bird because it’s a trapped flightless bird. Ultimately the bear cub would get hungry and eat the penguin.

Now we’re in a quandary. We have three fighters left. It’s here we need to go with experience. Which has the ability to change the game in the middle of the contest? The minuteman. Years of repping the Patriots has taught it how to bend the rules, so for no conceivable reason it gets a bye — which leaves us with …

I could survive off pizzas and Cholula for a while, he continues. I’m on a deserted island. I’m not worried about my weight. I’m not worried about my figure.

I suggest he could throw coconuts to stay in shape. He says, yes, that would work and so would climbing trees.

Speaking of islands, we happen to be on one called New York City, and Syndergaard tells me there’s this restaurant in Tribeca where he orders steak with lobster on top.

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