Mets catcher Travis d’Arnaud spoke with Puig about admiring his homer

There’s also a note from the New York Daily News that said Cespedes and Reyes later had a heated exchange that they wouldn’t make the details of public, and Mets catcher Travis d’Arnaud spoke with Puig about admiring his homer, too.

This is great, because Flores openly admitted what the issue was: The Mets are mad about playing terribly, and Puig checking out how far he could hit a homer off Mets pitching only magnified the level of their awfulness. None of this is Puig’s fault. If you don’t want him watching a homer, maybe don’t throw pitches he can hit to the moon. Trying to coach him on Respecting The Game and Playing The Right Way while he’s rounding the bases is far more offensive than Puig checking out what he can do to a ball with a bat.

Mets manager Terry Collins is the only one involved in the situation on New York’s side who came out looking like his head is in the right place: We’ve got bigger problems than somebody’s home run trot right now. With a 31-40 record, 11.5 games out of a playoff spot in June, and just 3-7 in their last 10, well, Terry isn’t wrong.

At the bottom of this post there’s a table, and some of the teams won’t surprise you at all. With the catchers, for example, the Rangers fared well and, yeah, that’s because they had Ivan Rodriguez for a chunk of the last two decades. The Cardinals had the most MVP-caliber first basemen because Albert Pujols was absurd.

As the Nationals look for the broom and the Dodgers look to hide it, Stephen Strasburg and Clayton Kershaw are set to match up Wednesday afternoon in a pitching battle royale. The Dodgers dropped the first two in a three-game series that began on Monday. Facing a lefty (Dodger Kryptonite) in the form of the Good Gio Gonzalez and Max Scherzer (everyone Kryptonite), the L.A. lineup hasn’t defied any expectations by producing only three runs.

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