More interesting than that is whether current Vikings coach Mike Zimmer ever saw the play.

One final note (at least for now) this play shows just how connected life is in the NFL and football at large. As I wrote, Loggains attended the University of Arkansas. You know who coached there? Jack Mitchell, his final stop before going to Kansas.

When the Buccaneers ran it in 2000, Zimmer was the defensive coordinator for the Cowboys. Five years later, in 2005, Zimmer was still the DC in Dallas, when head coach Bill Parcells hired a 25-year-old scouting assistant named you guessed it Dowell Loggains.

Is it possible that Loggains ever shared with Zimmer, (or anyone on the coaching staff), his fascination with this five-year-old two-point conversion? If he did, I wonder if Zimmer remembered it Monday night…

Kimes: Redskins and Saints. I think the Panthers and Seahawks win their respective divisions, and the Rams will suffer from a difficult schedule down the stretch. I think Washington is a talented, balanced team, and I think the Saints will see continued improvement in their defense as the season goes on.

Sando: Redskins and Panthers. But the Rams and Saints are also intriguing. The NFC is basically a crapshoot at the moment.

Yates: Packers and Falcons. I still believe the Falcons will find a rhythm offensively and settle back in after a slow start, while the Packers need to take advantage of playing three of their first four games without Rodgers at home. I believe Green Bay finds a way.

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