When I wake up, the Pats lead 24-14. Order has been restored to the world.

Keenum played through the entire second half, and not coincidentally, the Vikings’ offense woke up a little. He led a touchdown drive to start the third quarter and played a big role in the finish, moving the Vikings into range to set up a game-winning field goal. Keenum is not a great quarterback by any means, but it’s striking how much of a difference he made compared to a hobbled Bradford.

Peterson downgraded significantly in his intra-conference move, trading in New Orleans’ 11th-ranked run blocking unit for a Arizona group currently ranked 24th. While he’ll get more touches, he’ll also see defenders earlier and more often as his holes close up with regularity. That’s something a 24-year-old Peterson could overcome. At 32, he’ll have plenty to prove:

New Cardinals RB Adrian Peterson: I have so much left. I look to play four or five more years.

But the Falcons are losing? At home? To the DOLPHINS?!!? But they were up 17-0 at the half! What in God’s name is going on here? And why are the Falcons rushing to get plays off? WHOA THERE’S ONLY A MINUTE LEFT! That was a good nap!

Schraeder was cleared from the concussion protocol this week, and Jones returned to practice Wednesday.

And even though the Dolphins’ defense isn’t an easy test for this offense, Atlanta is still ranked fourth in the league with 28 points per game and seventh in passing yards per game with 262.5. The Falcons have managed that despite a couple of mistake-prone games from Ryan.

The race for the NFC South is going to be tight this year, with the Panthers bouncing back and the Bucs and Saints flashing plenty of potential. A rebound from Ryan this week will help the Falcons stay in the mix for the top spot.

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