Lakers fan nails $95,000 ‘Big Shot Jackpot,’ then celebrates like a Laker

Even if this was Jerald Acoba’s first half court shot, he knew how to celebrate one like a pro.

After waving his arms to fire up Lakers fans Tuesday night at sold-out Staples Center, Acoba hit the shot from mid court — the ball briefly spinning around the rim before falling through. The result: He won the $95,000 Aria Big Shot Jackpot before the fourth quarter of the Lakers’ 116-102 win over the Grizzlies.

“I think they got off easy,” Popovich told the San Antonio Express-News. “What if that shot costs a playoff game because somebody does that? Maybe that affects a coach being fired. Maybe a franchise winning a series. So if you think about it, maybe it’s worth it for $5,000 or $10,000 to go do that.”

On the play in question, Lowe stepped out on the court to shout defensive instructions during the Knicks’ final possession. Knicks guard Courtney Lee passed up an attempt at a game-tying 3-pointer, and later told reporters he mistook Lowe for another player.

Popovich said he’s been saying for years the NBA needs to better police sideline behavior.

“I’ve been moaning and groaning about it for a decade about everybody standing up on the bench when somebody shoots a 3,” Popovich said. “If you were at your kid’s junior high game, you’d tell the kids to sit down and behave themselves. So why do we get to get up and do that kind of crap?”

The team devolved badly in Hoiberg’s first season, and Victor Cruz Cheap Jerseys the Bulls were poised in the offseason to completely wipe clean its slate, beginning with a trade of Derrick Rose to the Knicks, who also signed Bulls mainstay Joakim Noah. The feeling in Chicago last year was that Hoiberg, as a rookie coach, had too little power Premier League Cheap Jerseys in dealing with the entrenched interests of his veteran players, and that a youth movement would allow him to rebuild the team without being undermined.

Dodgers’ latest stretch of games isn’t just great — it’s historic

The Dodgers are 36-6 (.857) over their last 42 games. An arbitrary stretch of games, sure, but a historic run when compared to like streaks throughout baseball lore.

The Dodgers are the first team to have at least a 36-6 record since the 1942 Cardinals: They look to capture their first World Series since 1988, and perhaps make success over a random span of 42 games look a little less arbitrary.

And until Switzer, or anybody else on the roster, did something to make Whitehead expendable, the Cowboys still didn’t. Or, to be honest, until Whitehead made himself expendable, on the field or off.

That’s why teams bother having camp in the first place. You win or lose your job then. Or … a job falls into your lap, as it did for the offensive linemen who thought they’d have to battle Urschel in Baltimore. You can bet at least one of them fits under the heading of, “They were going to cut him soon anyway.”

Players quit. They get suspended. They get hurt. They get traded. They underachieve. They literally fall down a flight of steps (not to focus solely on the Ravens, but remember Sergio Kindle?). They’re derailed by all sorts of problems, in and out of their control. Someone then comes out of nowhere to fill the void, for a month, a year, a career.

Unless they get prematurely expelled by a franchise trying to publicly save face.

There are too many other examples throughout the history of the Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys For Kids NFL … heck, it makes up much of the entire history of the NFL. Kurt Warner goes into Cheap Mountain Bike Jerseys the Hall of Fame next week, 18 years after going into Rams training camp hoping he’d get to be Trent Green’s backup.

Kyrie Irving hinted at team meeting immediately after Cavs’ loss vs. Bulls

The defending champion Cavaliers are struggling, which is pretty obvious. Not only have they lost three straight, but they’ve gone 7-11 in their last 18 games. The latest loss came Thursday night against the Bulls, and it may have been a tipping point.

After the game, according to, only four players remained in the locker room to field questions: Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Deron Williams and James Jones. The biggest star, Irving, provided some hints as to why there weren’t many players left, saying, “We’re taking steps forward. After the game we took a step forward.”

What’s that step forward?

“Just in a way that a team should take a step forward when we’re in a rut,” he responded. “I’ll leave it at that.”

So while Irving didn’t explicitly explain what went on, he hinted at the team having a meeting. This is a strategy coach Tyronn Lue used last season after a bad loss to the Nets. He later credited that meeting for helping to turn the season around.

Here’s what Lue said in May of last season about the meeting:

Even though the Thunder are long shots to emerge as Cheap Laker Jerseys Sale title contenders during the postseason, Robertson thinks Westbrook should win MVP this season.

“I think it’s Westbrook. That’s what I really think,” Robertson said. “Because Cheap Miami Dolphins Jerseys years ago it was tough to win an MVP because it was based on winning championships — and [Bill] Russell with the Celtics. They dominated. But one year, Wilt [Chamberlain] averaged 50 points a game and 29 rebounds and me a triple-double, but Bill won because his team advanced and we did not.

NBA will force fans to wait on MVP announcement until June awards show

The NBA announced Monday an awards show on June 26 on TNT to celebrate the best in basketball.

In previous years, the league announced high-profile awards intermittently throughout the playoffs. Now, the awards show in New York will reveal the winners of the league’s most coveted titles: Most Valuable Player, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Sixth Man Award, Most Improved Player and Coach of the Year.

Although the league didn’t mention it in the release, NBA enthusiast and rapper Drake said earlier this year that he was going to be the host of the event.

The Warriors announced Durant suffered a Grade 2 MCL sprain and a tibial bone bruise when teammate Zaza Pachulia rolled on top of Durant’s leg in a Feb. 28 game against the Wizards. Golden State has preached patience concerning Durant’s availability to start the playoffs; the team’s regular season ends April 12, six weeks after the injury.

Durant seems upbeat about the situation, though, smiling often during his nine-minute session with reporters.

The All-Star forward admitted there was “probably 30 minutes where Order Cheap Jerseys I thought I’d have to go through this long rehab,” fearing a possible fracture in his leg. In addition to knee Premier League Cheap Jerseys treatment, Durant said he’s lifting weights and shooting from a chair to “keep this jumper right.”

“It could be a lot worse,” he said. “A lot of things could’ve happen. I hurt my knee. A lot of guys go through this throughout the season. It’s nothing for anyone to be concerned about. I got a boo-boo playing basketball. It is what it is. My spirits are good. My family is good. I’m doing what I love to do every single day.”

Before the injury, Durant was averaging 25.3 points, 4.8 assists and 8.2 rebounds per game.

We should spin toward the future instead.

Curry came alive in the third quarter. He has 26 points and is tied with Durant as a game-high plus-19. The Cavs are only shooting 35.8 percent from the field. This is all Golden State.

Thompson and Draymond Green combined: six points, 3 of 18 from the field. The Warriors lead 80-64 with 3:56 left in the third quarter. This doesn’t seem fair.

It’s also fruitless to run down the Kevin Durant narratives. He’s no longer chasing that ring. He has that ring, and he earned that ring by blowing through the NBA Finals with 35.2 points, 8.4 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game. This was his crystalized-in-time moment, and any criticism of him at this point is spinning wheels.

We should spin toward the future instead. Golden State won its 16 playoff games by an average of 16.3 points per game and beat the Cavaliers in the four victories by an average of 13.8 points per game despite a triple-double in the form of 33.6 points, 12.0 rebounds and 10.0 assists per game from James. This series had moments, but it wasn’t close.

At this point you have two choices. You could get wound up about the competitive balance of the league, regular-season rest patterns and free-agency moves. Or you could cross your fingers and hope Cavs-Warriors IV is better.

The second choice is better in the short term because that’s where we’re at. If next year’s NBA Finals aren’t more competitive than this, then we might have a problem.

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Mets’ Asdrubal Cabrera has MRI, ligaments intact

Mets shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera, who left Saturday night’s game against the Marlins with a painful thumb injury, will hopefully only miss a short time, GM Sandy Alderson said Sunday.

An MRI revealed that the ligaments in Cabrera’s left thumb are intact, Alderson told SiriusXM MLB Network Radio.

Cabrera landed awkwardly on his glove hand trying to make a backhanded stop of Marcell Ozuna’s grounder in the third inning. He went down on the outfield grass in obvious pain and was removed from the game.

The injury could open the door for the Mets to call up their top prospect, shortstop Amed Rosario.

Mets manager Terry Collins thinks Rosario is ready.

“From what I saw in spring training, I do think he can handle it,” Collins told reporters after Saturday’s game. “He’s got tremendous actions. He’s got very, very good hands. And if anybody can help him through this particular instance, we’ve got a clubhouse full of guys that can certainly help him. But that will be Sandy’s call.”

In a lot of ways, big-league baseball is a microcosm of America — the effervescent melting pot of cultures and nationalities that gives the country its distinct identity.

But if there’s one thing that differentiates the U.S. from the rest of the world when it comes to baseball, it’s that the U.S. team seems to lack its own identity.

This year’s tournament is probably the Team USA’s best chance to win the WBC since its inception, but a championship will likely only come when the U.S. finds Cheap China NFL Jerseys itself as the tournament progresses.

Browns’ Jabrill Peppers addresses drug-use allegation

New York had only one pick, but it avoided the quarterback trap and got the needed stud for Todd Bowles’ secondary in Jamal Adams. The safety’s natural playmaking ability makes him a good bet to be the front-runner for defensive rookie of the year.

Cleveland didn’t get a quarterback, but it got a few more picks and ended up with three needed prospects instead of two.

Getting Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett at the top alone would have made for a stellar first round, but the Browns also got intriguing, athletic chess pieces for both sides of the ball in Michigan safety Jabrill Peppers and Miami tight end David Njoku. Sashi Brown should be very happy.

Browns first-round pick Jabrill Peppers says he’s never “done any of those drugs” in response to an accusation by a former ESPN Radio personality.

Peppers, speaking to reporters Friday at rookie minicamp, is part of the NFL’s drug program because of a diluted urine sample from the Scouting Combine.

Logic says Kaepernick should get a similar look as the one the Browns gave Robert Griffin III last year, but that hasn’t happened. The ship probably has sailed on starting jobs for Kaepernick, as neither the Browns nor Texans have shown interest, but at least one team should be looking to add him for a few million.

There’s no reason contending teams with bad backup situations (Dallas, Seattle, etc.), teams with aging QBs and no solution (Arizona) or teams with starters who generally miss time (Pittsburgh) should not reach out. Kaepernick should get a chance before the summer, but the NFL Cheap Jerseys odds grow less certain with each passing week.

We haven’t even got to the part where Steven Matz hasn’t pitched yet this season.

This is why you shouldn’t say or tweet “Meet the Mess!” when the Mets lose by five runs. Save it for a day, week, or season like this. One minute the Mets were in the World Series, then we turned around to tip the valet, and now there are scorpions everywhere.

The Mets are in last place, and everything is broken. This being the internet, which is an extension of the real world, there has to be someone to blame. Can we blame somebody? Let’s blame somebody.

The latest pitcher to suffer major UCL damage is Yu Darvish. The Texas Rangers ace meets today with Dr. David Altchek, the Mets’ team physician and an expert in TJ surgery. Although no decision had been made at the time this post was published, the chatter leading up to today suggests that Darvish might soon become the next ace to go under the knife.

By not signing a traditional long-term deal now, Lonzo ensures that he has no strings attached if his stock goes up in the future.

“If Lonzo gets drafted by the Lakers and has an incredible campaign, do the companies go back and think, ‘maybe this isn’t that crazy?’” Rovell said.

Of course, this is all a big gamble. Ben Simmons — the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft — signed a five-year, guaranteed $20 million contract with Nike last year. The Balls have taken a step back and decided that a few million guaranteed for the new few years is worth passing on for the possibility of making upwards of 10 times that.

But LaVar has bet on himself and his sons plenty of times before and delivered on lofty promises. Critics are quick to ignore LaVar’s profitable personal training business, or the life the Ball family breathed into an underperforming high school basketball program that couldn’t break .500 until Baseball Jerseys For Sale the Ball family arrived.

Laugh at Lavar Ball all you want — but don’t underestimate him just yet.

Trubisky took most of his college snaps out of the shotgun

McCaffrey’s career average of 6.2 yards per rush is the most important stat of his college career, as his success as a running back will be paramount to making the early pick worthwhile, even if he contributes elsewhere.

Pretty well! McCaffrey can fit virtually anywhere, because he’s such a dynamic athlete. In a weird twist, McCaffrey’s offense in Carolina might be more college-like than the pro-style unit he played for at Stanford. With Cam Newton and McCaffrey in the same backfield, the Panthers should have two terrifying running threats in the backfield at the same time on most downs. Plus, McCaffrey can flex out as a receiver whenever.

Trubisky took most of his college snaps out of the shotgun, and transitioning to taking snaps from under center may be a challenge. It’s a matter of timing on the snap and dropback, and that’s not easy to master. Although Trubisky is a self-described student of the game, it may take him some time for him to learn.

His pocket awareness leaves something to be desired, as well. While he reads coverage well, he doesn’t always anticipate blitzes effectively. These are things that can be corrected with a combination of effective coaching and experience.

Apparently so! Stop what you’re doing and say “Mitch Trubisky” quickly a few times in a row. It’s not easy, right? Well, that’s how he got his nickname.

According to Trubisky, he earned the nickname when a Cheap Youth Baseball Jerseys family member of one of his coaches at UNC said his name too quickly.

“It was just kind of, ‘What’d you say, Mr. Biscuit?’” Trubisky said. “And it just caught on.”

And even though he went by Mitch in college, don’t call him that in the NFL. At the combine, Trubisky asked everyone to call him Mitchell from now on.

Russell Westbrook was the best thing about the NBA all season

The Year of the Brodie began the same way as every classic tale of vengeance, redemption, and maturity: with a text message. When Kevin Durant notified Russell Westbrook he was leaving Oklahoma City for the rival Golden State Warriors with that text, the most transcendent individual season in recent NBA history was set into motion.

Lonzo Ball is projected as the No. 2 overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft, but that sneaker price, regardless of how good he will be in the future, is absurd for a rookie. Especially if it’s under his father’s Big Baller Brand and not a major sneaker company like Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour.

The result is a 55-win team that has as good a shot as anyone to disrupt the Warriors’ quest for a title. (This is to say no one has a good shot, but that the Rockets are among the teams that have some measurable, if poor, shot of doing so.)

Even better, the Rockets are built in a self-perpetuating way. For as long as the 27-year-old Harden can play like this, Houston can put shooting and defenders around him, tweak the roster and system, and win big. The vision doesn’t really rely on the whims of anyone other than Harden. So long as he’s invested, the Rockets can stay the course.

Morey’s personality rubs some the wrong way, and there’s a good bit of schadenfreude when things go poorly for him and the irreverent Harden. But the man has been successful.

Plenty of other GMs could learn a lesson from how he’s rebuilt the Rockets around a new vision, how he’s refused to allow Houston to get stale, how he’s been unafraid to push the boundaries of NBA tactics. For whatever faults we can assign to Morey, we can’t take away his victories. And isn’t Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping that what matters most in this business?