In defense of Mr. Met flipping off a fan

On Wednesday night, Mr. Met was caught on video at the lowest point in his mascot life. The anguish of a 7-1 loss paired with fans yelling at him caused the normally jovial baseball-headed man to flip people off in the stands.

This is unfair. Mr. Met didn’t fail the Mets, the world failed Mr. Met. He is the tragic figure of the mascot world, a desperate Willy Loman looking for purpose. For too long he’s been ignored, downtrodden, and mocked. Society pushed him to his breaking point, then twisted the knife by filming the one moment in his mascot life he wants to forget.

To understand why Mr. Met lost his cool is a lesson in Mr. Met himself and his story deserves to be told.

About those bats, though. LSU’s first five hitters in the lineup are batting over .300 on the season. Skipper Paul Mainieri has fiddled with the order in Omaha, sending a surprisingly struggling Kramer Robertson to bat leadoff a few times, but they’re still manufacturing runs. Catcher Michael Papierski has come alive in the CWS, most recently knocking out two home runs from both sides of the plate in the elimination game win over Oregon State Saturday. He’s a terror, and he’s difficult to pitch around.

My friends and I used to play a game: If you could be sponsored by any company, what would it be? I always chose Polar Seltzer. Free bottles of something you love just because you let them put your face on marketing materials? Sign me up. That’s the dream.

And Noah Syndergaard is living it. He hacked the system. He used his fame to get the free stuff he likes. And that stuff isn’t, like, BMWs. It’s Cholula. It costs, what, three bucks at most?

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there are no longer four-minute breaks in between picks

This news got me thinking about baseball nicknames. There have been some historically great ones, from Yogi, to Babe, to Mr. October, to Say Hey Kid, to Panda, to Joey Bats, to Big Papi, to A-Rod.

But I think we need more. And I think we should streamline the process: What if every players’ nickname was just his name, but with the first letters of his first and last name switched around?

Here’s what the backs of jerseys would look like, because this is an exercise that is clearly too complicated for someone who isn’t a sportswriter to do for themselves. I have included parentheses after each nickname to tell you how funny it is or isn’t, because that is also something you definitely can’t figure out for yourself.

Texas went up on the Indians, 7-1, after their first two innings at bat, and led by seven runs, 9-2, after their fourth time up. That would be all the Rangers would score in the game, though, as all they could do was sit and watch Cleveland catch up and then overtake them to win the game, 15-9, courtesy of 13 unanswered runs.

If you’re unfamiliar with how all of this works, don’t worry. We got you covered. Just like the more famous NCAA basketball tournament, the top 64 teams in the nation make this competition.

For one, there are no longer four-minute breaks in between picks, a process that causes it to take forever for you to find out who your team is selecting whether you’re going third or 30th.

Yeah, he says. I was not expecting that question, though. A hot dog is its own category. It’s like a gyro.

Yes! I say, too loudly, and the PR guy looks up from his phone. I’m excited, thrilled to discover that Syndergaard is on the right side of history. You wouldn’t go to a barbecue and be like, ‘Hey can I have that sandwich?’ as you pointed at a hot dog.

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MLB players can wear nicknames on their jerseys for one weekend. Here are some ideas

No, I’m not just saying that because it has Wild in the title and I am inclined, by the nature of my last name, to like songs with Wild in the title. I am saying this because it’s true: There are few songs that aren’t Bankhead by T.I. that get me as amped up as a Stevie Nicks banger. Wild Heart has the perfect slow build, followed by a driving crescendo that makes you want to step up to the plate and hit dingers.

OK, fine, you got me: This diversion is just an excuse to embed this video of Stevie Nicks singing Wild Heart backstage in the 1970s while she gets her makeup done:

The reason I’m writing about nicknames is because MLB recently announced that for the weekend of Aug. 25, the league will relax the restrictions on uniforms. Players will be able to wear jerseys with their names on the back as well as fluorescent-colored shoes. They’ll also be able to put a patch on their jerseys bearing the name of a person or organization who’s been instrumental to their development (that’s Baseball Speak). Proceeds from the nickname jerseys that fans buy will go to the Youth Development Foundation, which is something we can all agree is good. Who doesn’t want to develop the youth, foundationally speaking?

The Norwood Club is not a restaurant, and it is also not a bar. There is a bar, and there is a restaurant. But the brownstone in Greenwich Village is a private club; if you’re going to dine there, you have to belong.

I do not belong. I’m here because I’ve been invited to a brunch celebrating the partnership between Noah Syndergaard, the Mets’ star pitcher currently nursing a shoulder injury, and Cholula, the hot sauce that is, as far as I can tell, in fine health.

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Another Yankees’ loss has the Red Sox in 1st

The Yankees have had a real weird June. They’ve outscored opponents by 47 runs, which, even with well over a week left to go in the month, is the largest such monthly split of the season for them. All that has gained them, though, is an 8-10 record that includes six consecutive losses, four of them coming at the hands of their bullpen. The latest of those came on Tuesday, with Tyler Clippard taking the L for an Angels late-game barrage.

This isn’t necessarily poor luck, either: The Yankees have three blowouts in June that account for 34 of the 47 runs they’ve outscored opponents by. Not everything is clicking at the same time, but when it does, the Yankees look unbeatable.

Per our replay protocol either the head coach may come out onto the field and request the crew to get together or the umpire crew may get together on their own if they feel a review is warranted. In either situation, it is the sole authority of the crew chief to decide if any play is to go to review.

Nothing happened on this play that triggered a review.

Had this play gone to review AND was ruled fair by replay, the replay officials would have placed the runners on the bases they think they would [sic] of received had the ball been ruled fair.

Nothing happened on this play that triggered a review. Well, nothing except the ball hitting the yellow stripe on the left field foul line in a very ambiguous spot. Per that last paragraph, Oregon State would have been awarded a run maybe two owing to the fact that this hit probably would have yielded a double for Kwan.

But it didn’t, because no one thought to review a clearly unclear strike on the outfield wall in an elimination College World Series game.

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LSU suddenly forgets how to play baseball during the College World Series

LSU shortstop Kramer Robertson is having a tough time in Omaha. The .413 hitter didn’t post a single hit in the Tigers’ opening night slugfest with Florida State, and even his mom was in attendance to cheer him on. That’s gotta sting.

Against Oregon State, LSU was already smarting after starter Eric Walker essentially pulled himself at the top of the third after elbow soreness protruded on what had otherwise been a fine start for the righty. That brought in Caleb Gilbert, who up until the top of the fifth was throwing absolute gas and shutting down a potent Beavers lineup. And then the fifth.

Pac-12 Player of the Year Nick Madrigal laced a hard grounder to the second-third base gap, and that’s the exact territory that Robertson’s responsible for covering. Let’s see how that fielding attempt went.

This game has already featured some defensive fireworks by Oregon State, but Fullerton is most certainly not here to be outdone. Just ask the Titans’ centerfielder, Scott Hurst.

KJ Harrison slammed this ball into left center, an area of the park that plays very, very big. Coupled with the fact that the wind blows in from that very direction, this fly had a considerable amount of mustard behind it to make it to the wall. So it’s remarkable that Hurst, at full sprint, leaps from the middle of the warning track, slams into the wall while catching the ball, then returns to Earth to tell the story.

Oregon State won, 6-5, to send Fullerton to the losers bracket.

Without knowing his exact stats at Middletown High, I would guess that this is the very first time in his life that he hasn’t been able to disembowel baseballs at will. He was probably the best hitter on every little league team, the best hitter in high school, the best hitter on his college team, the best hitter in the minors as he climbed up, Class-A to Double-A to Triple-A, raking at every stop. And he was one of the best hitters in the majors right away, too.

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Mets catcher Travis d’Arnaud spoke with Puig about admiring his homer

There’s also a note from the New York Daily News that said Cespedes and Reyes later had a heated exchange that they wouldn’t make the details of public, and Mets catcher Travis d’Arnaud spoke with Puig about admiring his homer, too.

This is great, because Flores openly admitted what the issue was: The Mets are mad about playing terribly, and Puig checking out how far he could hit a homer off Mets pitching only magnified the level of their awfulness. None of this is Puig’s fault. If you don’t want him watching a homer, maybe don’t throw pitches he can hit to the moon. Trying to coach him on Respecting The Game and Playing The Right Way while he’s rounding the bases is far more offensive than Puig checking out what he can do to a ball with a bat.

Mets manager Terry Collins is the only one involved in the situation on New York’s side who came out looking like his head is in the right place: We’ve got bigger problems than somebody’s home run trot right now. With a 31-40 record, 11.5 games out of a playoff spot in June, and just 3-7 in their last 10, well, Terry isn’t wrong.

At the bottom of this post there’s a table, and some of the teams won’t surprise you at all. With the catchers, for example, the Rangers fared well and, yeah, that’s because they had Ivan Rodriguez for a chunk of the last two decades. The Cardinals had the most MVP-caliber first basemen because Albert Pujols was absurd.

As the Nationals look for the broom and the Dodgers look to hide it, Stephen Strasburg and Clayton Kershaw are set to match up Wednesday afternoon in a pitching battle royale. The Dodgers dropped the first two in a three-game series that began on Monday. Facing a lefty (Dodger Kryptonite) in the form of the Good Gio Gonzalez and Max Scherzer (everyone Kryptonite), the L.A. lineup hasn’t defied any expectations by producing only three runs.

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Wake Forest and Florida combine for 7 home runs in 2-day marathon super regional game

Rain in north Florida botched an otherwise action-packed Sunday of super regional action in this year’s NCAA baseball tournament, delaying the start of Florida State and Sam Houston State’s Game 2 for over seven hours. Florida and Wake Forest managed to get five innings of work in before a torrent of rain shooed the teams off the field for the rest of the night.

The picks on Monday consist of the first round, then Competitive Balance Round A, followed by the second round, then Competitive Balance Round B. There are four minutes in between picks in the first round and then one minute between selections through Round 2 (also through Round 10, but that is on Tuesday).

The Houston Astros and Pittsburgh Pirates are the two teams with four picks in the top 75, so they will have a busier Monday than most teams. The Minnesota Twins hold the top overall pick.

Price has led his teams to an 8-3 record in his last 11 road starts against the Yankees per the OddsShark MLB Database. All three of those losses came last season with the Red Sox, however.

The Yankees bounced back well from a 5-4 loss in the series opener on Tuesday with an 8-0 drubbing of the Red Sox on Wednesday night.

CC Sabathia stayed hot with his fifth straight win and helped lower New York’s team ERA to 3.78, the fourth lowest total in the league and the second best in the American League. New York is 8-2 in its last 10 games when Michael Pineda takes the mound.

Thursday night’s total is set at eight runs. The OVER is 4-1 in Boston’s last five games as a road underdog.

New York enters Thursday’s game with a two-game lead over Boston and a 2.5-game lead over Baltimore for first place in the AL East. A win at home in this one would help give the Yankees a little bit of breathing room in what figures to be a season-long battle.

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