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In defense of Mr. Met flipping off a fan

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On Wednesday night, Mr. Met was caught on video at the lowest point in his mascot life. The anguish of a 7-1 loss paired with fans yelling at him caused the normally jovial baseball-headed man to flip people off in the stands. This is unfair. Mr. Met didn’t fail the Mets, the world failed Mr….

there are no longer four-minute breaks in between picks

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This news got me thinking about baseball nicknames. There have been some historically great ones, from Yogi, to Babe, to Mr. October, to Say Hey Kid, to Panda, to Joey Bats, to Big Papi, to A-Rod. But I think we need more. And I think we should streamline the process: What if every players’ nickname…

All signs point to NHL skipping 2018 Olympics

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There is little interest among NHL executives to send players to the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said the issue was not even on the Board of Governors’ agenda when they met Saturday in Los Angeles, where the league’s All-Star festivities are being held. The issue of the Olympics got…

MLB players can wear nicknames on their jerseys for one weekend. Here are some ideas

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No, I’m not just saying that because it has Wild in the title and I am inclined, by the nature of my last name, to like songs with Wild in the title. I am saying this because it’s true: There are few songs that aren’t Bankhead by T.I. that get me as amped up as…

Registered sex offender Luke Heimlich requests removal from Oregon State rotation for NCAA tournament super regional

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No. 1 overall seed Oregon State’s best starting pitcher has asked not to throw in the team’s super regional opener on Friday night, saying that he does not want to be a distraction for his teammates as they play Vanderbilt for a spot in the College World Series proper in Omaha. Earlier this week, The…

The cub would be confused.

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The day kicked off with a rowdy affair in Louisville, which saw the opening innings notch three throwing errors between the teams and an ever-elusive Kentucky bat interference that plated the Cardinals’ first run in the bottom of the first. From there, a pitchers’ duel broke out until Louisville’s Drew Ellis cracked a three-run shot…

Another Yankees’ loss has the Red Sox in 1st

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The Yankees have had a real weird June. They’ve outscored opponents by 47 runs, which, even with well over a week left to go in the month, is the largest such monthly split of the season for them. All that has gained them, though, is an 8-10 record that includes six consecutive losses, four of…

Michigan had a 2017 draft pick in damn near every professional league

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Michigan folks can be, uhh, a bit full of themselves sometimes. But credit where it is due, because when you do something this cool it’s certainly worth bragging about. Michigan swept the big four professional sports with players selected in each 2017 draft, but it bested even that achievement by adding two other sports. UM…

College World Series 2017 scores and bracket: Oregon State and LSU advance to the winners bracket

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The first day of the College World Series has come to a close, and both games delivered on their high expectations, the LSU-Florida State tilt in the evening session, in particular, was a raucous, rowdy affair with players flying all over the place, and these teams need to play more often. Meanwhile, the Red Sox…

LSU suddenly forgets how to play baseball during the College World Series

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LSU shortstop Kramer Robertson is having a tough time in Omaha. The .413 hitter didn’t post a single hit in the Tigers’ opening night slugfest with Florida State, and even his mom was in attendance to cheer him on. That’s gotta sting. Against Oregon State, LSU was already smarting after starter Eric Walker essentially pulled…

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