NFL draft 2017: Dates, schedule, times, order, and more

Boulware is a ruthless player, but he has clear physical limitations. With Boulware’s lack of desired size and speed — he’s only 6’ tall, and his only NFL combine number that was above average for a linebacker was his three-cone drill — the linebacker will fight an uphill battle toward a role on defense. Special teams looks to be his likely role for a while.

While Boulware is an instinctive player, that only gets guys so far when it comes to the NFL. Because he’ll face competition from bigger, stronger and quicker athletes in the NFL, his size concerns are likely what caused his slide in the draft.

After months of workouts, tape study, and mindless speculation, NFL draft week is finally here. Over three days, the league’s 32 teams will replenish their rosters with a crop of college football stars, all of whom are looking to make their mark at the pro level.

The first round of the draft will take place on Thursday, with the second and third rounds on Friday night. The final four rounds will be on Saturday. ESPN and NFL Network have complete coverage of the draft, and fans can stream it online at WatchESPN.

The Cleveland Browns are on the clock with the No. 1 overall pick, and Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett is widely expected to be the first name off the board. Cleveland also holds the No. 12 overall pick, setting up some potential scenarios where it could trade up to grab a quarterback of the future.

Now, maybe I’d be a little higher on McKinley if he was bigger than 6’2, 250. The fact that he has long arms is a positive, but it is not going to replace the lack of height and anchor he has, especially when he is also deficient in technique. Like, Khalil Mack was of a similar size MLB Jerseys Cheap and Cheap Jerseys Rugby athleticism, but his pass rushing technique and McKinley’s are on totally different planets.