Dodgers’ latest stretch of games isn’t just great — it’s historic

The Dodgers are 36-6 (.857) over their last 42 games. An arbitrary stretch of games, sure, but a historic run when compared to like streaks throughout baseball lore.

The Dodgers are the first team to have at least a 36-6 record since the 1942 Cardinals: They look to capture their first World Series since 1988, and perhaps make success over a random span of 42 games look a little less arbitrary.

And until Switzer, or anybody else on the roster, did something to make Whitehead expendable, the Cowboys still didn’t. Or, to be honest, until Whitehead made himself expendable, on the field or off.

That’s why teams bother having camp in the first place. You win or lose your job then. Or … a job falls into your lap, as it did for the offensive linemen who thought they’d have to battle Urschel in Baltimore. You can bet at least one of them fits under the heading of, “They were going to cut him soon anyway.”

Players quit. They get suspended. They get hurt. They get traded. They underachieve. They literally fall down a flight of steps (not to focus solely on the Ravens, but remember Sergio Kindle?). They’re derailed by all sorts of problems, in and out of their control. Someone then comes out of nowhere to fill the void, for a month, a year, a career.

Unless they get prematurely expelled by a franchise trying to publicly save face.

There are too many other examples throughout the history of the Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys For Kids NFL … heck, it makes up much of the entire history of the NFL. Kurt Warner goes into Cheap Mountain Bike Jerseys the Hall of Fame next week, 18 years after going into Rams training camp hoping he’d get to be Trent Green’s backup.

Hawks’ Dwight Howard: ‘No doubt’ I belong in Hall of Fame

Dwight Howard is confident his career is worthy of recognition.

During a Q&A session with The Undefeated, the Hawks center said he deserves to be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

“No doubt. It’s kind of got swept under the rug because the perception of all the things that happened in Orlando. All of the media stuff,” Howard said. “If you look at basketball itself, and I don’t ever talk about myself, but winning three Defensive Player of the Year trophies has never been done. Leading the league in rebounding six straight years. All that kind of stuff, I think that deserves it.”

The site creators noted both coaches have been very outspoken in their displeasure with President Donald Trump, especially in response to restrictions on immigration. For them, who would be a better dynamic duo in the White House than “two men with a combined 11 championship rings and 4 Coach of the Year awards between them?”

As ideal as this scenario might be to many Americans, the creators of the site noted they weren’t a legitimate political organization.

It is, however, selling Popovich-Kerr T-shirts and other memorabilia. Any proceeds will aid several charities, including ACLU, Council on American-Islamic Relations, International Rescue Cheap Jerseys Basketball Committee, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Even though there is a zero percent chance this would ever Cheap Jackie Robinson Jerseys happen, it would be fun seeing Kerr and Popovich on the campaign trail.

Kyrie Irving hinted at team meeting immediately after Cavs’ loss vs. Bulls

The defending champion Cavaliers are struggling, which is pretty obvious. Not only have they lost three straight, but they’ve gone 7-11 in their last 18 games. The latest loss came Thursday night against the Bulls, and it may have been a tipping point.

After the game, according to, only four players remained in the locker room to field questions: Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Deron Williams and James Jones. The biggest star, Irving, provided some hints as to why there weren’t many players left, saying, “We’re taking steps forward. After the game we took a step forward.”

What’s that step forward?

“Just in a way that a team should take a step forward when we’re in a rut,” he responded. “I’ll leave it at that.”

So while Irving didn’t explicitly explain what went on, he hinted at the team having a meeting. This is a strategy coach Tyronn Lue used last season after a bad loss to the Nets. He later credited that meeting for helping to turn the season around.

Here’s what Lue said in May of last season about the meeting:

Even though the Thunder are long shots to emerge as Cheap Laker Jerseys Sale title contenders during the postseason, Robertson thinks Westbrook should win MVP this season.

“I think it’s Westbrook. That’s what I really think,” Robertson said. “Because Cheap Miami Dolphins Jerseys years ago it was tough to win an MVP because it was based on winning championships — and [Bill] Russell with the Celtics. They dominated. But one year, Wilt [Chamberlain] averaged 50 points a game and 29 rebounds and me a triple-double, but Bill won because his team advanced and we did not.

NBA will force fans to wait on MVP announcement until June awards show

The NBA announced Monday an awards show on June 26 on TNT to celebrate the best in basketball.

In previous years, the league announced high-profile awards intermittently throughout the playoffs. Now, the awards show in New York will reveal the winners of the league’s most coveted titles: Most Valuable Player, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Sixth Man Award, Most Improved Player and Coach of the Year.

Although the league didn’t mention it in the release, NBA enthusiast and rapper Drake said earlier this year that he was going to be the host of the event.

The Warriors announced Durant suffered a Grade 2 MCL sprain and a tibial bone bruise when teammate Zaza Pachulia rolled on top of Durant’s leg in a Feb. 28 game against the Wizards. Golden State has preached patience concerning Durant’s availability to start the playoffs; the team’s regular season ends April 12, six weeks after the injury.

Durant seems upbeat about the situation, though, smiling often during his nine-minute session with reporters.

The All-Star forward admitted there was “probably 30 minutes where Order Cheap Jerseys I thought I’d have to go through this long rehab,” fearing a possible fracture in his leg. In addition to knee Premier League Cheap Jerseys treatment, Durant said he’s lifting weights and shooting from a chair to “keep this jumper right.”

“It could be a lot worse,” he said. “A lot of things could’ve happen. I hurt my knee. A lot of guys go through this throughout the season. It’s nothing for anyone to be concerned about. I got a boo-boo playing basketball. It is what it is. My spirits are good. My family is good. I’m doing what I love to do every single day.”

Before the injury, Durant was averaging 25.3 points, 4.8 assists and 8.2 rebounds per game.

Griffin has been with the Cavs since 2010 and became the GM in 2014.

Surround them with at least two shooters some combination of Klay Thompson, Ian Clark, Matt Barnes and/or Green gives them all the spacing they need in the half court ‘ and it puts the defense in an incredibly delicate position.

Even so, the Cavaliers need to have a plan when it comes to how they’re going to try to contain it because it’s something the Warriors can go to when they desperately need a basket. It certainly would’ve helped them down the stretch of Game 7 in the 2016 NBA Finals, and it could help them if they find themselves in a similar situation in the 2017 NBA Finals.

Griffin has been with the Cavs since 2010 and became the GM in 2014. He was part of a Cavs front office that drafted Kyrie Irving in 2011 and lured LeBron James back from Miami in 2014 while adding All-Star forward Kevin Love the same year. The Cavaliers are coming off three straight trips to the NBA Finals, including the franchise’s only championship last year.

After losing in five games to the Warriors’ so-called super team, the Cavaliers want to figure out how to beat Golden State to claim another NBA title. Griffin’s departure does not seem to be a decision influenced by James, who had been on record speaking in support of Griffin to be given a contract extension.

If no one appreciated you Griff I did, and hopefully all the people of Cleveland! Thanks for what u did for the team for 3 yrs! We got us 1??

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Bell could have that ability

That brings us back to Bell and Draymond Green. One of the critical factors in the success of the Warriors over the last three seasons has been Green’s ability to defend with versatility. Because he is a center who can handle guards, the Warriors are able to switch on nearly every matchup, which offers few easy paths for opposing ball handlers.

Bell could have that ability, too. He was fourth at the NBA Draft Combine among all players in shuttle run and lane agility time, showing off his tremendous footwork. He measured 6-8.5 in shoes, but his wingspan was 6-11.75. There’s reason to think Bell could approach Green’s effectiveness on the defensive end.

The relationship between the Knicks and rising star Kristaps Porzingis has been turbulent in recent months, as Porzingis skipped his exit interview in April. Well, Porzingis’ time in New York could be nearing its end. Phil Jackson is open to the possibility of trading Porzingis as the frenzy of interest is growing, according to The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Sixers landed the No. 1 pick for the second year in a row, thanks to a predraft trade with the Celtics. In return, Boston receives the No. 3 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, in addition to either the Lakers’ 2018 first-round pick or the Kings’ 2019 first-round pick. The Celtics will receive the Lakers’ pick if it falls between No. 2 and No. 5. If it doesn’t, they’ll get the Kings’ unprotected first-round pick in 2019.

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Cubs’ Joe Maddon says umpires ‘neutered instant replay’

Joe Maddon wasn’t finished letting the umpires in Pittsburgh hear about Friday night’s ejection just three pitches into the game even though the Cubs came back to score five runs in the ninth inning to tally a 9-5 win over the Pirates.

Davis went on the 10-day DL Tuesday with a strained oblique, and initially the Orioles hoped to get him back in the designated timeframe. But now it looks more like he’s going to miss at least three weeks, and three weeks may be optimistic.

I think three weeks would be real ambitious, Orioles manager Buck Showalter said Saturday in an interview with the Associated Press. I’d sign up for that right now.

The initial challenge for Davis isn’t actually picking up a bat, it’s to be able to simply sit comfortably or do anything normal at all.

It’s pretty uncomfortable, sitting up and laying down, trying to find a spot where you get somewhat comfortable, he said. Sitting in one position for a while, you get restless and you move.

Davis is dealing with a strain of his right oblique at the moment, but he missed significant time with a similar injury to his left oblique in 2014. That season he missed 34 games and hit just 26 home runs after hitting 53 the season before.

Many fans had adjusted expectations for the third overall pick after a contract dispute kept him out of training camp, and then he missed the first four games of the season with a hamstring injury. But Bosa made a name for himself once he did hit the field.

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Cavs lead 92-87 with less than two minutes to go.

The Warriors turn to a small-ball lineup with four minutes left in the third quarter. It’s Curry, Livingston, Thompson, Iguodala and Durant. It will be interesting to see if Kerr uses a traditional center the rest of the game.

He does look like the perfect No. 2 pick in the June 22 draft for Johnson, who desperately needs a leader and a point guard who can make teammates better. Ball did that in his one season at UCLA. But they don’t always work out the way Kevin Durant did when he was taken with the second overall pick after Portland selected Greg Oden at No. 1 a decade ago. Durant is an anomaly, in fact.

Johnson needs to hit a homer after the previous regime, headed by Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak, didn’t exactly hit it out of the park with D’Angelo Russell in 2015 and Julius Randle in 2014. Another former No. 2 pick, Brandon Ingram, didn’t shown any signs this past season as a rookie that he’s going to be a superstar, either.

When James was asked Monday about comparing Golden State’s super team to the one he formed in Miami, the four-time MVP said, I don’t believe I’ve played for a super team. I don’t believe in that. I don’t believe we’re a super team here.

Green continued to mock James’ comments by thanking Durant, who was the Finals MVP, for joining Golden State’s super team.

‘I’ve never played on a super team.’ That’s crazy, said Green, who wore a T-shirt that read Quickie with the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy next to a large Q that resembed logo for Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena.

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Bill Russell jokes to Shaq, Kareem, Dikembe, Alonzo Mourning and David Robinson: ‘I would kick your ass’

Bill Russell hasn’t played in the NBA for a long time, but his trash talk game is still on point.

Russell was awarded the NBA’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the NBA Awards Show on Monday, and was introduced on stage to much fanfare by the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dikembe Mutombo, Alonzo Mourning and David Robinson.

Beginning on the Tuesday following the third weekend of regular season games, the claiming priority is based on the inverse order of the standing of clubs in the current season’s games.

If a drafted rookie has not signed with his club by this date, he cannot be traded to any other club in 2017, and may sign a player contract only with the drafting club until the day of the Draft in the 2018 League Year.

Vezenkov is a clear draft-and-stash, playing for Barcelona currently. He won the Greek League MVP at 19 years old before going over the Spain. The key for him is athleticism. He has the skill, both in terms of shooting and passing, but he might not be athletic enough for this level.

Jaramaz is incredibly fun to watch. He operates well in the pick-and-roll, and essentially tries to dunk on dudes at will. The key for him is the jump shot. He’s athletic enough to play in the NBA. If he can learn to shoot, he’ll make it over.

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Only the Warriors and Cavs can take all the Carrara.

James averages 24.9 points per game in the follow-up game. James’ teams are 5-4 in those games, and the only loss since the first stint in Cleveland again came after that bad game against Dallas in 2011. James has won three NBA titles since. We can probably stop harping on that series against the Mavs at this point. Chances are he’ll respond properly in Game 4 on Tuesday.

For the Cavaliers, it’s all about forcing the crowd into obmutescence early before it gets too pumped by a pastiche. A few cygenous hook shots from LeBron James will do just that.

It’s up to the ferriferous will of the Warriors to hold home-count advantage before the series shifts to Cleveland. That might require Zaza Pachulla playing like a desman without fouling an opponent in his occiput.

This is for the latifundium and every single genipap — or the feeling of a sauger in a noyade. Will it be the King standing atop the yacata again, or it will be Curry serving as the ultimate foederatus?

Run like the beisa, Warriors and Cavs. This is no time for devastavit, ampongue, ptosis, dacryocyst or schistosomiasis.

Leave your last girolle on the ericeticolous faubourg until it becomes an oxytylote skeuomorph that lets out a fougere from seiche.

Bang the bodhran. Only the Warriors and Cavs can take all the Carrara.

Mack was billed as one of the best defenders in this year’s draft, lived up to that hype in spades, and won Defensive Player of the Year in just his third season. Sometimes it’s nice when the analysis is this simple and straightforward.

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